Can’t Fight The Feeling

No lie even though you might know all the answers to something the emotional being that is a human always becomes susceptible to feelings. Been flying high lately, been in the word, encouraging people, nice relationships, friends benefiting from you and communion with God sweet.
But what goes up must come down…. (unless your name is time). I found myself listening to Shai Linne’s album – The Attonement very regulary recently. It is amazing to be faced with the fact that after Jesus did all that for the world it is so hard to keep that as the driving force for my existence…… why because of flesh and blood. All the answers about the general feelings I can answer and ‘counsel’ myself. But that still does not change the fact that THE FEELING IS STILL THERE.
Following a path that is strait and narrow is definitley a TASK. Cuz you start to feel rejected….. not just rejected… but un-understood…. not just un-understood but afraid to continue doing what you know God leading you to do cuz you might not be recieved.
Yeah yeah I know bout Paul, I know bout David, I know bout Jesus, John the Baptist, Job, Samuel, Abraham, Noah and what not……
but mannnn

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