Seems like life moves so fast from time to time. The pressure on a young male to make something of himself in society these days is growing exponentially. The fact that we are so few and far between means that things are amplified. Imagine you have a production line of cars and only 10 cars coming out per month. The inspectors of that production line would ensure that the car is impecable before it leaves the line. This may entail putting that car through extreme and rigorous testing and pressures to make it meet the industry standard….. sorry not standard…. expectation… cuz the road is there jsut few cars drive it properly. In this case however the car has emotions the car has feelings the car has limits, capacities, wear and tear tendencies and design specifications. So in essence this car is now being built but the industry requires so much from this one car.

The real controller of the production line is the Owner of the factory (God) he is the man that knows what the Car is supposed to do, he is the one who knows the design concept and has all the schematics drawn out. However the factory (the church in general) contains many different influences, who want to Weld here, bolt there, paint here, mount there. The fact is there are many holes to be filled, many gaps to close endless destinations to drive to! The car has to constantly seek out the owner to get the schematics so that the factory workers do not make it into something it is not supposed to be.
This is the start of the building process that leads the the Car on a journey in a world outside the factory…….. and boy what a journey it is!!!!!!!

…..stay tuned for WHEN THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD….comming soon to a blog near you.
hold a scripture in de mean time: 
Rom 1:7 To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.
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