Inside the ship’s hull

So this one I have not given a title from the start.. I am just going to write and then come up with the title after.
Dreaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd…….……………. wheyyyyyy

ever saw a ship on the water sailing away normally and there was a blown engine or a leaking oil pump inside.. But no one knew…. lol (i guess that describes human beings)….but none the less things are kind up up and down internally, externally things a cool (although some people say i look tired)….. yeah…… the ups are great, the group BUTCHER SHOP is really helping ppl from what some members tell me. It’s so nice to know that there a ppl that want to decipher and discuss things int he bible for the greater edification of everyone.

I have 3 albums in heavy rotation right now>
Lecrae- Rebel
Ambassador- The Chop Chop
Shai Linne – Attonement

Rebel is really making me look at the culture as it is and what standing out really means….. and what it entails…. That is like a goal for me now to make sure i stand for righteousness in everything that I do.. and being that example to the people who i know are watching me and even more those who I don’t know. (those are the serious ones that want to see you fall)

Chop Chop is making me desire the Word of God so much that I kinda think I try to swallow too much from time to time. I have slowed down and pray more (cuz i was not praying much). When I spoke to someone about it they told me that the Holy Spirit is the only one that could teach me right now cuz no man knows what God want’s to do in me.

Attonement is like THE BOMB…. Shai Linne is the most theological rapper I know and that album has clearly broken down the act of attonement that Christ has done for me and the world…… I realllly love that album.. and can listen to it anytime dreaddd…… it’s not flashy… it’s realll with no strings attached…. which is untimatley what I want to be. REAL WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED….

Being open and candid however is not normal for a man nah (this is where i try to be a rebel and Rebel against the culture) so by bearing it all (like on facebook lol) it opens the door for many people to think many things… (like you are thinking right now … ent?) But what it does is help you get that stage of humility that you eh really care what people think… cuz to the Pharisees Jesus was the son of a carpenter and he did not try to be anything else… even though he knew he was like … ammm….. GOD!…… so much less for me….. who I goin and PLAY I IZ? Defenitley not Mr. cool christian guy…. lol….

So yeah work was hard, life is hard, situations are hard, blah blah blah…… that will pass.. right now the focus is on the core Andre, the soul on the inside that is being molded into the image of that wonderful fella dey called Jesus.

Yeah, so that’s basically what’s going onn inside the hull of the ship. (there I got the name)

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