B4 The beat Drops

I’m writing this one not as Andre Charles, but a djlivstrong. It’s been a few years in the gospel music industry of Trinidad and Tobago so far and there are some things I have learrnt that should definitely be taken into consideration.


As a dj, you are technically a song worship leader, only difference is the way you lead is not with your voice, u choose the songs and the how it flows, but instead of singing them you play them. It’s tricky seeing it that way because automatically the term ‘leader’ becomes intimidating. But it’s true within your grasp is the ability to lead crowds of people in a particular direction without them even knowing.
I am always reminded of the scripture with saul in 1 Samuel 16:23

1Sa 16:23 And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.

This is the most irrefutable proof that the playing of music has the ability to drive out evil spirits. Yes evil spirits, if you don’t believe in them get out of the hole you are in.
So in you, as a son of the most high God and a recipient of redemption and atonement through the blood of Christ, is the ability to authouritatively drive out spirits my many different means. Music is one of them. The flip side is, that the same speed you can drive out an evil spirit, you can also invite them.

Let’s look at david again.
Could it simply be the way he plays the instrument that caused the spirit to depart? of course skill has something to do with it no doubt, but the most skillfulest of philosophers can disect the bible and still not have the revealed word because of the lack of one thing… or person rather………….. The Spirit.

Man by himself cannot drive out spirits…. only God (The spirit of god, Jesus) can do so. Humans are used a vessels to do this under the authority of Jesus.

Joh 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. 

David’s heart was pure and he was a servant of God he was anointed and had his SPIRIT

1Sa 16:13 Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel rose up, and went to Ramah. 

So when david played the harp, it was not merely his skill that played but the spirit of God transcended through the music. Giving the music the ability to not just drive out the evil spirit, but REFRESH Saul.

What is to be taken from this is that before the beat drops…… there must be a spiritual check that affirms the role of the spirit in your life. When I say affirms, you don’t have to be talking in different tongues and what not to be affirmed in the spirit. The evidence of the spirit if the fruit in your life. The bearing of fruit that is plainly evident. What fruits are you bearing? are they love joy peace…etc? Aside from the music, can it be said that the spirit of God is upon you and you have been anointed by God. It’s ticklish, cuz there is no clear cut standard per say that one can hold on to. That is best known by the person.

Without the affirmation of the spirit of God in your life, you just play music that happens to be gospel. That does not by any means say that people will not be blessed and maybee converted…. cuz the GOSPEL alone is the power of God unto salvation…. but that application and effectiveness is aided by the spirit of God. Without that spirit of God working through the agent the odds of reception are drastically dimished.

This does not just stop at playing music, it goes for dance, drama, preaching, teaching but I want to apply it to deejaying……
and this is alll BEFORE THE BEAT DROPS….
While it is playing God has free reign to what he desires with the submitted vessel (namely you)……. SO always remember it is THE SPIRIT that does the ministering…. but it cant minister through a vessel that it does not own or it is not being given access to.

look out for AFTER THE BEAT STOPS next week.

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