DOWNLOAD HERE:September 09 Mixtape

Minimum requirements:
A open mind
An open heart
An open ear
Winzip or Winrar (or whatever you unzip folders with)
Leave a comment
Give it to a friend
Reccomended Requirements:
A Nissan B13 Sentra with two 12″ Pioneers pushed by a 1000W Amp
A home stereo system with at least 2000W of rms power
A pair of bose headphones
No grandmothers who cannot take loud gospel music in the house
djlivstrong – djlivstrong intro
Canton Jones – G.O.D. Remix
Da T.R.U.T.H. – Lost
Tedashii – Make War (Feat. Flame)
Viktory – Get Hot
J Square – Pressin On
Papa San – Stand
Positive – Only Jah Alone
Prodigal Son – Blessings a Run me down
Stitchie – In di Dancehall
Ambassador – Checkin’ For My God Remix Ft. LeCrae & Trip Lee
Hazakim – Salvation Plan Feat. Stephen the Levite
djlivstrong – 10 – DISCIPLE Interlude (Name Up)
Richie Righteous – Do Wut It Do
Katalyst – Die If I Have To
Russell LĂ©once – Smile (Feat. VanessaBriggs & Antus Keith)
Jadee – Keep On Pressing
Shacah & Tonic – Deliver Us
Mandisa – Freedom Song
Papa San – Jehoviah
DJ Nicholas – Israelite
Canton Jones ft. Monty G – Top Model
Da T.R.U.T.H. – Fantasy ft. J.R.
djlivstrong – DISCIPLESHIP Interlude (Praises Go Up)
Minister Goddy Goddy & Kerron Ennis – Hallelujah
Dj Nicholas – Revival feat. Teena Tamara
Minister Goddy Goddy – Chaka Chi Remix
Curtis Jordan – Trust me (Gospel Dance Remix).mp3
If you don’t look for Christ, you may not see him. :-)

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