Download Link: Febraury 2010 Mixtape
Minimum requirements:
A open mind
An open heart
An open ear
Winzip or Winrar (right click on .zip file and Extract to…)
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Reccomended Requirements:
A Nissan B13 Sentra with two 12″ Pioneers pushed by a 1000W Amp
A home stereo system with at least 2000W of rms power
A pair of bose headphones
No grandmothers who cannot take loud gospel music in the house
A bible so you can read the scriptures in the interludes
T & T GOSPEL ARTISTS – Rise Haiti Rise
Instrumentals – I Worship You Almighty God/Lean On Me (Prayer for Haiti)
djlivstrong – djlivstrong intro 2
Husky – Freedom
Cajo International – Not About They (Canton Jones)
Tedashii – Fresh
Royal T – One Time Alone
Jason Todah O’Neil – Christian Anthem-Remix
Monty G – My Hood To Your Hood (Feat. Canton Jones)
Dj Offical – INTERLUDE The Yoke (Nothing without you)
R-Swift – Held Me Down feat. Jai
Jay Arie – Luv like dis
Mali Music – The Light
Dj Offical – Work ft. Trip Lee and Sho Baraka
Shachah – Turn
Dj Offical – Streets of Philadelphia ft. Mac The Doulos, Young Joshua, Ackdavis, R-Swift
DJ Nicholas – Divine Mathematics (Wild Mix)
DJ Nicholas – Divine Mathematics
DJ Grace – My God Is Great ft. Royal T
Emrand Henry – I Love You
Nehilet Blackman – Focus ft. Aneessa Sherine Aziz
Dj Offical – Nothing without you ft. JR and Lecrae
Jadee – INTERLUDE Carrying The Cross (Grooving)
Jadee – Pastoritis
Ordinary – Yes
J Lee – Christian Soldier
Ryan Mark – Never Turning Back
Koen Duncan – Mountain Mover
Mali Music – Impulses
..oh yeah.. happy belated birthday Sameah and Stacy. 😉
If you don’t look for Christ you may not see him. :-)

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