DJLIVSTRONG SE (Special Edition) Mixtape 1 – THROWBACKS

Download Link: djvlistrong SE Mixtape 1 – THROWBACKS

Minimum Requirements:
A open mind
An open heart
An open ear
Winzip or Winrar (right click and unzip to…)
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Reccomended Requirements:
Be born into the Kingdom of God somewhere between 1995 – 2003

Should remember when baggy pants was cool


djlivstrong – Liv Strong Intro
Christafari – Emancipation Proclamation
Broadway Boys – Be Strong
Melchizedek Order – God is real
Lecrae – Fanatics
Sherwin Gardner – War (feat. Mr. Mention)
Tiko & Gita – Free
Stitchie – Thank You for today
Junior C – Rocky Road
Cross Movement – Who’s da Man
Papa San – Touch from You
Chevelle Franklyn – Radio Is Playing It
Prodigal Son – Plead The Blood
Shiselon – El Gibbor (featuring Spiritual Ninja)
Prodigal Son – I Wish
Mr. Lynx – Hands Wave
Cross Movement – Live Agua
Sherwin Gardner – Spooky
Jadee – Burn Them (Warfare Fire)
Tiko & Gita – Greenman
“Vanessa Briggs – Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”
Christafari – Best friend
Melchizedek Order – Two roads
Kierra  Kiki  Sheard – You Don’t Know (Mix Remix)
Sherwin Gardner – Hotta Redda Fire
Deitrick Haddon – The Praises Go (Up Up Up)
Ras Shorty I & the Love Circle – You Push the Creator Out
Shiselon – Whatcha Gonna Do
Jadee – Listen To Meh
Sherwin Gardner feat Ninja – Never Wanna Give Praise
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