Download Link: April 2010 Mixtape

Minimum Requirements:
A open mind
An open heart
An open ear
Winzip or Winrar (right click and unzip to…)
Leave a comment
Give it to a friend

Reccomended Requirements:
A Nissan B13 Sentra with two 12″ Pioneers pushed by a 1000W Amp
A home stereo system with at least 2000W of rms power
A pair of bose headphones
No grandmothers who cannot take loud gospel music in the house
You could invest in a Logitech 7.1 surround sound…but you will still hear in stereo
A bible so you can follow through with the scriptures
Some sort of acknowledgement that I changed my sound effects (@Cassius)
Ah lil prayer for the ministry cuz there were many obstacles in the production of this mixtape


djlivstrong – djlivstrong intro 2
Monty G – Shine (Feat. TJ Cross, Bruce Hyppe & DJ Frost)
Suzy Rock – Lose Myself
Millyon – Holy Are You
Jor’dan Armstrong – Drive Me Crazy
Silent Sah – Free
Clifford Henry – Give Love
Sons of Zion – Let Him In
Mr Lynx – Behave yourself
Richie – Not inna this time
Emrand Henry – Bread of Heaven
Sherwin Gardner – Mr. Hater
Elisha – Valley ah di Dark
djlivstrong – INTERLUDE: Rock and a Hard Place (Instrumental)
Sho Baraka – Shut Us Down (ft. Lecrae & After Edmund)
Dwayne Tryumf – He’s The King (ft. Crazy Ric).mp3
Chris Knight – Son of God ft. Elisha
Jazo feat. Shino – Jesus
Prophet Joel – Let’s Press Believers
djlivstrong – INTERLUDE: Endurance as a Rule (yupyup by Leon Ryan)
David Mattas – Dis Feelin
Royal-T – Stylin
Nehilet Blackman – Feel Your Touch
DJ Grace – Get It Right
Sherwin Gardner – Take Me High Feat Damita Haddon
D.A.Jay & Ordinary – holy ghost party
Natalie Brathwaite – Hala
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