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Rom 1:16 For I am unashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation….

In a Time in Trinidad and Tobago where there are many people unashamed to share their political view, many people have made their allegiance known. I support party x, I support party y. Here’s the slight problem. Some of these people profess also to be christians and they have their allegiance to Christ.

We can look at this from two perspectives.

1. The Quintessential Bandwaggonist
These are the people who jump on a bandwaggon bacause they go with the crowd. So they support the party and without fear claim allegiance. They may support a party when things are going well for them at elections time and the reps are passing out polos and can openers. Mid way through the term tho they say they will Never vote for them again. Needless to say, the next election they jump right back on cuz they get a polo and a water bottle.
The same goes with Christians who praise God and jump and wave their bali..(part of a tree found in the rain forest). They jump and wave cuz they have money, they got a job, their life is prosperous. But mid term in their Christianity they curse God and no longer have faith in him. Just like elections this process repeats, a sine wave that alternates between +1 and -1. The bandwaggonist attitude damages the body because it makes unstable and lacks that Job attitude of praising God in and out of the trials. God want’s consistency, longevity and dedication. Like Paul (and Jadee) we PRESS.

2. The Die Hards
Political die hards are ones who have no doubt in their mind who they support. No doubt in who they will not waver from. No doubt in who their allegiance is with. They will take a bullet for Mr. Man____ or Mrs. Ka___. Why because for some reason they have done something for them or their family that they are forever indebted to them for. They support, follow, defend and did I mention justify their party/leader of choice.
I was in prayer meeting yesterday and my pastor was speaking of such dedication and if only christians would show support for Jesus as publically as some political enthusiasts do. Then the thought of the apostles dawned on me. Rememberances of Stephen before the Sanhedrin Acts 6 (I Think). Peter in the town square, Paul before the roman government. These men were unashamed and made it known. No doubt was in anyone’s head of who they supported and allied with.

In many ways we can use the political season of T&T to apply to our lives because, some of us realistically are:

1. Bandwaggonists who play we support Jesus but curse him with our life which lacks faith and trust. We back Jesus when it’s all good and full of PROMISE. When the promises don’t materialize…. well…. yeah we don’t believe anymore.

2. People who show we support a political party more than we show we support Jesus. We are unashamed of a man on a platform, but we are ashamed of God on a throne in Heaven.

Mark 8:38
Therefore whoever shall be ashamed of Me and of My Words in this adulterous sinful generation, the Son of Man shall also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.


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