Some of you may have been wondering what was up and why there was no July 2010 mixtape and we already into August and no mixtape yet.

Well my laptop was removed from my possession (I was robbed) in early July and I had to get back on my feet and come to terms with my losses. Through it all I learn’t how to apply the scriptures to actual living more and more. When I was faced with the issue the opportunity to drop down and accept defeat was definitely possible. Thanks be to Jesus that the spirit of God helped me apply the principles from the text to overcome and move on.

So I am back on track now (word to Jadee lol) and I have some mixtapes lined up for release this month. Look out for some new ideas and fresh concepts as we approach the end of the year.

Thank You for your patience understanding and prayer. I pray the interludes continue to challenge you to grow biblically minded and the music edifies/encourages/entertains/challenges/makes you dance/speaks to you/communicates God


Look out for the video soon.

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