Minimum Requirements:
A open mind
An open heart
An open ear
Winzip or Winrar (right click and unzip to…)
Leave a comment
Give it to a friend by sharing on Facebook/Twitter or Burning a CD for them
Join the Mixtape Group in facebook (Click Here) to get up to date releases
Check the Videos page to get deeper breakdowns on the mixtape messages.

Recommended Requirements:

Google the artist and try to support their music if you like it
The understanding that Mixtapes will not always come out at the start of the month.
Some new speakers for 2011 that allow you to hear bass
An appreciation for a budding turntablist
A bible so you can at least look at the scriptures from the interlude
A pet fish named Jack who loves to see the water ripple due to excessive sound waves


Djlivstrong - Intro 3
Dj Nicholas - Sad Story
Level 3.16 - Tell Em (Internal Conflict)
Tedashii - Bury Me ft. Lecrae
Flame - Surrender feat. V. Rose
DJ Evangelist - In His Presence
Sherwin Gardner - More Of You Feat Jermaine Edwards
C-Lite - Kindness
djlivstrong - INTERLUDE 1 (Incredible Instrumental)
Hozia Hinds - Holy City
B3AR FRUIT - Leah Smith - Joy (feat. R-Swift)
Believin Stephen - Suicide featuring Japhia Life and Leah Smith
Erica Cumbo - No Limits
Young Joshua - My Life (Feat. J.R.)
djlivstrong - INTERLUDE 2 - (Holy Fire)
David Matas - Coming soon
Camille Mcleod - Where would i be
Reynard Rawlins - Damascus road
Details - -St.Matthew & ZeelaMac
kary Diamond - 3 Can't Catch Me Again
Dj Nicholas - Warning
Jason Mighty - L.I.F.E
NXchange - Satan Caan Get me
SOP - No other God
Ordinary aka Mr. Amen - Live my Life
Lecrae - God Is Enough ft. Flame & Jai
Jadee - What Goes Around
Glenroy Waldron - Rejuvenate
djlivstrong - Salt in a freshwater pond

Download Link: January 2011 Mixtape

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