Minimum Requirements:
A open mind
An open heart
An open ear
Winzip or Winrar (right click and unzip to…)
Leave a comment
Give it to a friend by sharing on Facebook/Twitter or Burning a CD for them
Join the Mixtape Group in facebook (Click Here) to get up to date releases
Check the Videos page to get deeper breakdowns on the mixtape messages.

Recommended Requirements:

Google the artist and try to support their music if you like it
The understanding that Mixtapes will not always come out at the start of the month.
Some new speakers for 2011 that allow you to hear bass
An appreciation for a budding turntablist
A bible so you can at least look at the scriptures from the interlude
A tall glass of juice made with 3 blocks of ice cuz Juice run things and tea is evil.


Djlivstrong - Intro 3
Sean Lypher Feat Lyric - I Rise
Jae Jones - Dead Weight
Ikonn - Ain't Ready
Tamara Calder - Puzzle
Kirk Franklin - I Smile
Canton Jones - Already Gone Feat. D-maub
Morece Marshall - Represent
Lecrae - Boastin Inst
Sons Of Zion - Yahweh
Sherwin Gardner - Move On
Flame Feat. Chris Lee - All I Need
Twyse - 40 Deep Remix
Lecrae - More
Pro - Get In Feat. Suzy Rock, D-maub
Phanatik, Mac The Doulos - Slumber Party (feat. Mac The Doulos)
Kb - Lighter Fluid
Sho Baraka - Extinction Intro Inst
Neesha Wooding - 01 Hope In The Rain Ft Gio
B3ar Fruit - Stephen The Levite - Faithfulness
Papa San - Glory God Final
The Apostle - Why Ft. Keron Ramsey
Guvna B - Stay Ft Jahaziel
Mary Mary - Walking
Ryan Gordon - I Will Trust In You
Jason Mighty - Praise I Do

Download Link: March 2011 Mixtape


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