FREE MUSIC FRIDAY: Jahaziel – Still Livin

In this edition of Free Music Friday I have featured a mixtape that has been out for a while now, but you may not know about it. Jahaziel is a rapper from the UK who has a lot to say on this mixtape. I don’t think he has brought out any new music for a while and you would hear in some of his songs hints as to why.

It contains features from artists such as Ambassador, Da’ TRUTH, Guvna B, Mali Music and some other new ppl I don’t really know about. During my extensive replays of the mixtape I have found it to be very refreshing and diverse in the genre of hip hop, there are some samples from other contemporary gospel songs that would appeal to those from that genre. Not to mention the UK accent fascinates me because of the different rhyme schemes that it brings.

All in all you should love this one even if you are not a hip hop fan.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Still Livin Mixtape


Free Music Friday is a place where djlivstrong highlights free music that is available on the internet. All the music has been made available for free by the artist or dj and it is just being promoted in an effort to spread good Gospel music. If you have any music that you would like to be featured on Free Music Friday you can email to have it posted.
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