Where was djlivstrong? – The hiatus explained

Let me begin by thanking my Lord and Saviou………..wait, this is not a speech. :-/


Hi there cyber world, The last mixtape I released was May 2011 I think. I was just starting up a new semester at bible school and nearing the middle of my wife’s pregnancy. It was my goal to do mixtapes all the way up to August, but without a doubt life does not always go as we plan.

If you have never seen why I do mixtapes, this video might help.


Now that you have watched it or refreshed your memory you would know that I like to categorize things, prioritize them and execute them. It’s part of leading a disciplined life. (This book really helped me with that Ordering Your Private World by Gordon McDonald).

At the top of my priority list is my relationship with God. Nothing must ever come in the way of that and compromize it. Everyone technically does this but it’s not always executed well, by God’s grace my relationship with him is still in tact and growing even though I make many mistakes regularly.

The next thing is my Family. For 2 years it has just been my wife and I, and I did my best to be a Godly husband to my God given bride. Then came the newest addition. Geovanni Nathaniel Charles. He has re-defined the word family for Neisha and I.

With his impending arrival I decided to cut out all extra curricular activities, even the curricular ones (bible school) in order to focus on being there for my family. I had to be there for my wife during her pregnancy (buying chicken at 11pm before the state of emergency in Trinidad) and after (making sure she recovered from her labour well).

When he arrived, I had to do something I never did before, be a biological father. In doing so I took no chances in trying to do anything else besides my day job and doing my home job. So everything was on indefinite pause. Hence Mixtapes were on pause.


Along the way I picked up a few life lessons.

  1. The bible is meant to be practical. When ephesians 5 said love your wife as Christ loves the Church. It means sacrifice the pleasures you loved as a man and do your duty. Wash, clean, cook, comfort, talk about stuff that you don’t care about, go to clinic, comfort, talk about stuff you don’t care about, etc etc etc…. All that was before Geo was born. Never before did I have to use so much scripture reserves and apply it daily.
  2. Your theology viewpoint changes. Gone are the days where Calvinism and Armainianism are some of the most important decisions to make in life. The new important decisions were like “Will I sleep and leave the house dirty”, “Should I buy a burger for her on my way home even though I have to drive far”, “She wants to talk and Real Madrid is playing…..”. Theological exuberance changed when it became clear that If I can’t apply the basics of love and selflessness Calvin and Wesley would be of no use to my journey of sanctification.
  3. The 1st Corinthians 13:1-7 passage is a personal one. Instead of the word love, I swapped my name. If I did all the bible studies, and preached all the sermons and made all the administrating decisions and had no love I would be useless. So when reading vs 4-7 instead of love I said Andre.
    Andre is patient…. am I patient?
    Andre is kind…. am I kind?
    Andre does not envy…… do I?
    You ketch the drift. That was like a serious accountability check up via the word of God.
  4. Hiding God’s word in your heart. I won’t lie, my personal bible study was crippled. I barely had time to go through my daily studies and I was unhappy about it. I had to be reminded that, most ppl in biblical times did not have a bible to read daily. They had to make the times they interacted with it count and then apply it because it was now part of me. This is by no means a cop out of regular bible study, but life throws things at us sometimes that requires the word to be in us and come out of us. Similar to when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert and David in Psalm 119:11.

There could be more like the cliche of raising a Son is like feeling how God raises us…. but I hate cliche’s. Take that one as a given.

So mixtapes should resume monthly since Geo can spend time doing something besides crying now. (yay!)

If you have missed them I hope to feed your thirst for biblical knowledge and good Gospel music once again.

Thank you all for the support, prayers (if you really prayed) and whatever else you do that could assist my ministry endeavors like fb likes, twitter retweets, conversations that promote what I do in the kingdom etc.

The January 2012 mixtape is out in a few days. Stay tuned to the


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