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So its been about 2 years of so that I have been doing mixtapes regularly. The time has come for me to change the way I do them.

Usually I would take the time to mix for an hour, sit record interludes, mix them in over a music bed in the middle of the mixtape, cut each track indivudually, do a poem or something at the end.

I simply don’t have time to go into that much detail again.

First let me list the things that have changed.

  • Becoming a Father
    Since I became a father  I have gotten much greater home responsibilities which have severely dented my time.
  • Bible School
    As semesters go by, the work seems to get a little more challenging and I need to spend more time studying.
  • Local Church Ministry
    The amount of service I give to my local church has grown and thus taken up more of my time.

All of the above coupled with the fact that I am a teacher by profession, an active scout leader and a human being has caused this change.

So what will the new mixtapes sound like?

Well, there are many factors that I had to consider besides time in the new changes.

I had to consider:

  • My spiritual growth and biblical training. I have become a little more adept in the area of bible study so I thought it fit to apply that skill to my ministry a little more.
  • My ability to mix consistently for a hour which can easily be cut to shorter segments.
  • The maturity of the listeners both past present and future. This entailed me looking closely at the target group which I have narrowed down to young/immature Christians and maturing ones who are going from milk to meat.

Based on these considerations I came up with the following format.

Track 1

A 5-10 minute bible study on a particular book of the bible.

I chose to do it on a particular book because when you study a book in the bible you get what is being said in its original context. Too many times we look at the bible as a market place where we can pick and choose scriptures and leave the market with what we want to get. This is not the case, and studying a particular book would help remove that notion that we have so that the bible would enlighten us instead of us using the bible to prove our twisted points.

Track 2

A 20-30 minute mix

In previous mixes I always tried to play only new music of that month. This time I will mix whatever I feel like mixing and not be constrained to new music only. There will be new and up to date music of course, but sometimes there would be some variation in time lines to allow for creativity to prevail a bit. This mix will however have no track differentiation, it will just be a 20-30 min audio mp3 with all the tracks mixed from start to finish.

Track 3

1-3 minute application of the bible study

Bible study without application is like a priceless sculpture left under a black cloth at an exhibition. This last track would ensure that whatever we study, there would be different practical examples given to bring home the point. These examples would try to address the target audience, immature to maturing Christians and challenge them to take what they have learnt and apply it in real life.

I know you may be thinking, that “This sounds so deep and most people won’t want to listen to it”. Yes I know, I may lose listeners, but what I stand to gain is of much more importance, the growth and development of at least 1 person who goes form milk to meat in the word of God.

The music comes and goes, but biblical maturity stays forever once it is regularly exercised.


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