Bible School? 5 Reasons You should consider it.

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You can find many Christians who love to worship God with their heart and soul. You won’t find much these days who are willing to worship him with their mind. (Luke 10:27)

If you take a quick glance in social media anything that comes out as a scripture worth sharing or a criticism to scripture people swallow it up easily without even applying the simplest form of analysis. This is scary because it reminds us of Ephesians 4:14 where we just get tossed about like a small tree in the wind.

One of the ways we can battle this is to actually study the Word of God consistently and accurately. In order to do that you need discipline and guidance. That’s where older saints come in in terms of teaching. That’s also where biblical teachers come into play. They instruct those who may not know how to approach the bible in the way it should be approached. Bible school is just a more organized effort of teaching the approach to the Bible and by extension the approach to Christianity.

5 Reasons to consider Bible School

1. Got questions?

If you read the bible and have an analytical mind when it comes to the scriptures, you always find yourself asking “why?, how?”, you might want to seek those answers from people who may know instead of googling everything. In the scholarly world its called referred sources, people who know stuff will always point you to where they got the stuff from and why.

A child does not ask another child why something happens they go to an adult. Bible school lecturers are like the adults.

2. You try but lack discipline.

This is the primary reason why I went to bible school. I used to read books and study doctrines etc but I lacked discipline. When you put yourself into a situation where you have to do something like an exam or a paper you put yourself under some pressure to grow and you come out better in the end.

Athletes don’t get faster by running in the school yard when they feel like it. They get faster when they train with someone who knows how to do it.

3. Got more questions?

Some people ask a lot of questions about the bible, some however ask a lot of questions about the church. How did we get like this? Who made this rule? Why is the organization like this? Those things usually have deep linkages to church history and how it progressed over the years. Understanding where we came from can make where we are a lot clearer and easier to navigate.

When person buys a used car they always want to know if it was female of male driven because that helps them understand the kind of vehicle they are in.

4. Church food is milky

There comes a time when a man can only drink so much milk. If you attend a church that feeds a lot of milk to the congregation (which is not a bad thing eh) you may be looking for meat. Bible study in church is a good avenue also but you still feel like you want more meat check your pastor for bible school advice and I’m sure he/she wouldn’t be mad at you for seeking more (I hope).

Some athletes are built to play certain sports and they need to eat more or eat differently, if it is possible for them to do so they should for their development.

5. You are called to something

It used to be that bible school was a place that you go to learn to be a Pastor. It’s not so anymore. There are avenues that biblical training can carry you now that use the same biblical basis but it is applied to different fields. Teaching, Missions, Counselling etc are all vocations that can come out of it. Even if you don’t know you will still have the tools needed so that when you get clarity for your life you don’t have to rush to get training, you will just have to fine tune it.

Just like a student who has to choose business or science in secondary school, they don’t know exactly what they want to do but they know that they are being led to a particular direction, follow the leading.

I hope this helps someone who has been wrestling with the questions.


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