Ministry = Microphone?

“Listen to his voice, he is a born worship leader”

“Have you ever heard him speak, he is a born preacher”

“Listen to her pray, she is born to lead all night prayer with thousands”

These are statements that we probably have heard from time to time in our Christian circles. Every time we speak of someone ministering to the saints we give them the ambition to do it before a large set of people. The preoccupation with a big stage with a microphone makes ministry seen like there needs to be amplified sound or else it’s not impacting anyone.

In actuality there are more things we can do for the kingdom that do not require a microphone and a stage.

Romans 12 is in no way an exhaustive list of ministries but let’s look at something important.

Verses 3 – 8 list the following gifts.
prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leadership, and mercy

Of the seven, 4 do not require any speaking or stage.
Serving, encouraging, giving, mercy.

Why don’t we say “Oh my goodness that child has the gift of service?”
If you’ve ever heard that stay close to the person that said it, you may have a biblically minded friend around you.

The whole concept of gifts is that they are given by God and as 1st Corinthians 12:12 – 31 teaches we all have a role to play in the kingdom.

Yes we are all called to be ministers in the body, the place we are to hold in the body is specific and appointed by God. We shouldn’t let popular trends of human superstardom influence us to be ministers who are in the spotlight where people here.


Download the mixtape.

The people in the spotlight are there for a reason and if they don’t understand that they are representing God and misrepresent him by seeking fame they have to answer to God. Likewise those who have to minister without the microphone and spotlight can misrepresent God by seeking the mic when they were never intended to serve using that tool.

Many of the disciples had jobs that did not require them to be known or seen, did that make them any less of a disciple? No. I mean what did Andrew (Peter’s brother) really do for the kingdom? Many of us have roles that don’t require a microphone, let us do those jobs to the honor and Glory of God our Father because in the end, that’s what really matters in ministry.

Find your place in the body and work your position like your boss is always watching your performance….. because he is.
At the end of the work day what will he say “well done good and faithful servant”? OR ” you wicked servant”

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