Mango season in Trinidad and Tobago is a wonderful time to reflect on how seasons affect us. When there are mangoes in season I literally consume no other fruit. When they are out of season, many other fruits are consumed but not to the extent of mangoes.

mangoWhen you look at the abundance u realize that there are so much mangoes that people throw them away, allow them to fall and rotten and even cut parts of the tree so next year there won’t be so much.

Reflecting on seasons I came across John 14 in my daily bible readings where basically Jesus was letting the disciples know that his season was ending. He was pointing to someone else that would be coming. He was actually pointing toward the Holy Spirit coming to take over his job.

While Jesus was on earth it was like mango season. The disciples ate their belly full sometimes. There were those who allowed Jesus’ ministry to go to waste and there were those who tried to cut him off.

We all go through various seasons in our life and each season requires a little understanding of what is required of us at that point in time. When mangoes are abundant we can choose what to do with them. (I eat all I can). When they are not we have to determine what is required at that time, which would be other fruits even though we may not love them as much.

I am positive the disciples didn’t want Jesus to go. They said it many times (ref. John 14:5 , John 14:8) but he had to because another season had to come which has its place and time in the cycle. Their adaptation to this new season was not as clear cut as we would think because as we see in the book of Acts there were many growing pains of the church that had to work via the Holy Spirit.

What really matters to me is, when mango season is done do I know which fruit is for me? Do I like that fruit? Will I maximize that fruit?

Seasons can go from being rooted in consistent devotions daily, to extensive bible study, to evangelizing heavily, to serving someone with everything you have, to giving money so consistently that you are poor and even preaching and teaching every week and the list can go on.

Do you know what season you are in? If you know are you holding on to the previous one or actively trying to maximize what this current season is doing in the grand scheme of your life in Christ?

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