Mango season in Trinidad and Tobago is a wonderful time to reflect on how seasons affect us. When there are mangoes in season I literally consume no other fruit. When they are out of season, many other fruits are consumed but not to the extent of mangoes. When you look at the abundance u realize […]

Bible School? 5 Reasons You should consider it.

You can find many Christians who love to worship God with their heart and soul. You won’t find much these days who are willing to worship him with their mind. (Luke 10:27) If you take a quick glance in social media anything that comes out as a scripture worth sharing or a criticism to scripture […]


Ministry = Microphone?

“Listen to his voice, he is a born worship leader” “Have you ever heard him speak, he is a born preacher” “Listen to her pray, she is born to lead all night prayer with thousands” These are statements that we probably have heard from time to time in our Christian circles. Every time we speak […]

straight and narrow


Mnay people want to be different. Not much people want to #BeTheDifference We live I a world that is decaying. Things seem to get worse and worse for the human race regardless of the advances we make in science and technology. God who is the creator of all things made us to reflect his glory. […]



    DOWNLOAD LINK: DJLIVSTRONG AUGUST 2013 MIXTAPE TRACKLIST: MIX 1 (HIP HOP) Propaganda – Ramesses Dre Murray – Pharaoh Maurice Marshall – Praise God Mali Music – Ready Aim Lecrae – Round of applause Antus – Redeemed KB – Go off ft. Andy Mineo Rich Angel – Who is that Social club – Paris […]